So I've been the worst at updating the blog. Life kind of just got in the way...
Anyway I thought I would write a little about Doris first visit to Sweden! It's already 5 months ago but better late then never right!?!
We left on a friday together with Chris parents and it was a day filled with a lot of firsts for Doris. Doris first flight. Doris first time in Sweden. Doris first time on a ferry. Doris first time on an island. Doris first time meeting my dad, siblings and my grandmother. All thou it was a lot of new things Doris was in the best mood all weekend. I think she likes Sweden! 
Doris was so easy to travel with! She smiled and flirted with everyone! In the plane she only cried once when we were landing and at that point even my ears was hurting. Once we landed in Gothenburg we picked up our rental cars and drew to the ferry to Öckerö. For me the ferry ride across the water is such a childhood memorie and it is obligatory to go out of the car to sit and watch the ocean! 
I rented an apartment on the top floor of an house at until for us to stay at together with my Dad and his family & Doris great grandmother. The place was great and I would recommend it to anyone who might be thinking of a vacation here! You can find it on here on Airbnb. This is the recommend from our balcony.
Doris view very safe with grandpa Roger, uncle Jack and felt Maja! And for the first time since Doris was born me & Chris did something together just the two of us as my dad and auntie babysat for an hour. 
We went for a walk on the cliffs and enjoyed the salty sea! There is something so siblings about the sea and I really miss living close to it! I hope we will one day again in the future! For being September we were so luck with the weather as it was sunny and around 18°C all weekend! 
After a long day we were all exhausted and once Doris peaceful fell asleep ater a few hours of fussing she finally slept 4 in the morning. then however she did not want to go back to sleep so we let her lay in between us and after another hour or so she fell back asleep. The next morning was the morning of Doris baptism! I'll let you know more about that tomorrow!
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